Posting Guidelines

The BPA Connections online community is focused on peer-to-peer interaction among professionals. Our mission is to amplify the collective knowledge base of the home and building performance professional network by offering a space for sharing resources, ideas, and knowledge on home performance.

The space is not to be used for promotional purposes, except as expressly provided below. Content should be geared towards practitioners, rather than consumers.

Visitors can read parts of the content, but only Community Members can see full discussions and post. Anyone with an interest in energy efficiency can apply for a free membership. All members can post and comment in discussions and resource libraries. Each member has their own page where their discussions and activities are consolidated. Posts can be removed and membership can be suspended at any time for non-adherence with these guidelines or Terms of Service.

Here are some guidelines for engaging with the community in the spirit of openness, transparency, and collaboration:


  1. Fill out your profile. Post a picture. Smile!
  2. Check out the profiles of other members. Get to know them.
  3. Join the conversation and share relevant and valuable ideas with the community. 
  4. Treat others with respect—feel free to challenge ideas, but always engage with the goal to better understand your colleagues. 
  5. When making an argument or stating a case, please speak from your own experience and include the facts (who, what, when, where, how). 
  6. Invite your colleagues to join the community.
  7. Be generous and give back. Comment as much on others' content as on your own original contributions!
  8. Have fun!


  1. Address any grievances publicly with another member on the forum. Please speak directly to the member with a personal communication or report the incident to a BPA staff member. 
  2. Post comments that are not relevant to the current topic. If you have a new topic in mind, consider starting a new discussion.
  3. Post anything that you wouldn’t want your current and future boss or employees to see.
  4. Post anything that includes self-promotion, business promotion, affiliate links, links to purchase a product, or other items that provide the poster with financial gain. 
  5. Spam people (i.e., posting the same message to multiple people or groups).
  6. Defame, name-call, inflame discussions, or excessively criticize an idea/person. (Constructive debate is welcome.)
  7. Post inappropriate photos or links.
  8. Feel like you must respond to every comment.
  9. Employ a false identity or impersonate another member.
  10. Quote, excerpt, and/or re-post comments from anonymous sources. Make sure to always give attribution and a link to the source. 

Below are some additional principles that guide our approach to community management:

  • We encourage and support content that fits with the mission of the Building Performance Community. We reserve the right to remove any post without prior notice. Messages are not permitted that are:
    • Abusive, harassing, or attack others
    • Hateful in language toward others' race/ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs
    • Sexual
    • Not relevant to a topic
    • Commercial solicitations 
    • Spam

The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within this community are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the sponsors. Information provided by Community Members may not be appropriate for solving readers' specific problems. Readers should consult a certified professional for their own technical recommendations.

We encourage members to report content that does not meet the guidelines and misleading technical information that needs to be addressed to the moderator. We reserve the right to move or de-emphasize content that does not fit into a certain part of the site.

All posts will be monitored by BPA staff to ensure that these guidelines are being followed.

BPA Connections will not sell or share our member list.