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I'm the Community Manager here at BPA Connections.

You may know me as the longtime moderator of the Building Performance Community (formerly Home Energy Pros.)

In 2010 we started the Home Energy Pros community for home performance professionals with the support and sponsorship of Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Energy Technologies Team and Home Energy Magazine. In 2017, BPA stepped in to oversee the community and provide support as the industry association. It's been great to be part of the BPA team and I'm happy to connect here!

A native Iowan, I"m passionate about the environment and all things green. I follow the building performance news and you'll see me sharing news articles about the latest energy efficiency innovations and events.

When the weather is warm, you'll find me in the garden. Tulips and hastas are my favorites. :)

Shoot me a message if you need help with anything! I'm always happy to help.