Mr Anthony Jones Sr

HERS Rater,
Radiant Insulation Systems

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Radiant Insulation Systems
Middle Island, NY

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I had an early start in construction at the age of 12. Throughout my years, I've learned a great deal of trades within the Residential field. When asked what my current role is, I refer to myself as a shop sweep as I'll never be too proud to do the little jobs that earned me the career I live. Since 2007, I've worked in the weatherization field bringing my experience as a well rounded carpenter to the retrofit table. Since then, my position with Radiant has transitioned to HERS Rating, Energy Audits, Manual J, S, & D Calculation Packages, and Energy Code Compliance Inspector. Currently I'm in the market for further achievements and greater experience which I'll pay for through efforts and adaption as I always have.

When science changes the mind must follow or risk a world of stagnation.