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Hard working entrepreneur and lifetime learner who began a new career path in 2008 after serving in the United States Navy and spending over 10 years in the construction, finance & lending industry.

After nearly a decade in the Home Performance industry, I have learned what it takes to make customer’s homes more comfortable, lower utility costs & save money, and reduce our overall environmental impact. I am involved in every aspect of the project from inception to completion, including but not limited to; current utility bill review, contract review, rebate and incentive details, installation oversight and Quality Control Inspection, post installation.

Working with various BPI accredited contractors (myself a previously Certified BPI proctor) with in-depth home retrofit knowledge, I am also a teacher with over 1000 hours in classroom and field sessions, bringing real-world and hands on scenarios to enthusiastic students looking to change, or enhance, their career with the addition of ‘Home Performance and Energy Management’ knowledge.

Partnering with local elected officials to promote and expand the local green jobs market. Frequent consultations with various entities have allowed them to lower their overall operating costs and/or facilitate new Energy Efficiency Programs, a win for all involved and effected!

Self-improvement, growth and learning are a valuable facet, I believe, in career path and advancement. I make an effort to remain advised and aware of new industry developments and ideals and explore how I may incorporate them into my teachings and or execution in the field to improve overall experience.