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I started working in low-income weatherization in 1974 and as Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association hosted the first National Energy Retrofit Conference in 1980 and edited the proceedings Home Remedies (free to download) which inspired the Affordable Comfort/BPA series of national annual conferences building our professional presence. I was also on the committee that originally founded BPA and the whole concept of building professional certification.

In partnership with other leaders such as Rana Belshe, Larry Kinney, Bob Pfeiffer, and Jim Fitzgerald, I have trained thousands of weatherization and building professionals through conference presentations writing, and on-site fieldwork.

I am now retired but spending a great deal of my time volunteering with the Citizens' Climate Lobby, calling for putting a price on carbon and returning those resources back to American households who are most impacted--Carbon fee and Dividend.

Retrofitting one house at a time is a necessary component of weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels but it is not sufficient to make the necessary changes that will restructure our economy to a carbon-free sustainable world.