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Hi BPA Community! I am excited to be here as a content collaborator, as the Founder of Rate It Green, an open green building directory and network. Our goal is also to enable connections, and to host and amplify green building information as widely as possible.  We welcome beginners and experts in every industry segment, for both residential and commercial building, and we also include non professionals and emerging green builders to expand the conversation as widely as possible.  

I aim share to information here that I think will be helpful and relevant to building performance professionals, and I will also work with BPA and am happy to work with everyone to learn what information it will be helpful as well for us to share out through the Rate It Green platform.  Our top content includes articles, discussions, groups, events, news, and now videos and white papers.  We're always open to feedback and new ideas as well. 

We have so many overlapping goals, and I am sure we all agree that all buildings should be green and healthy buildings.  I believe we can do so much more together in this industry.  Let me know if I or our Rate It Green team can be of assistance!