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Linda M Wigington & Associates

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Linda M. Wigington & Associates evaluates and explores innovative and practical solutions to address residential energy reductions and indoor air quality.

 The group is primarily engaged in two initiatives:

ROCIS (Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces), based in southwestern Pennsylvania and funded by The Heinz Endowments, aims to reduce the impact of exterior environmental pollution and improve healthy and energy-efficient indoor environments where we live, work, and learn. Visit to learn more.

The Thousand Home Challenge is demonstrating the feasibility to achieve deep energy reductions (beyond 70%) in existing dwellings in North America. Learn more at

Linda Wigington is the founder of and has been associated with the Affordable Comfort Conference from its inception in 1986 until 2013. These regional and national events have been instrumental in building the capacity to deliver a whole-house approach that addresses the integration of health, safety, durability, and energy performance.

Linda received the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 2002 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award and is proud to be honored by the industry in the title of BPA's Linda Wigington Leadership Awards.

Specialties: Residential Deep Reductions & Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Development of Training Events and Conferences