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  • 1.  More State-by-State Comparisons

    Posted 05-03-2022 07:41
    A few months ago I started a discussion on state-by-state energy comparisons, which I come across frequently. I've just returned from California to Ithaca, New York where I live now and I found it amusing to have visited many "green" towns and cities that claim they are "the leader in green building" and "ahead of the curve on climate change." It's as if these jurisdictions haven't heard of each other!

    Returning to Ithaca, I read in our local free publication "The Ithaca Times" a letter to the editor by a local who is running for a state congressional seat and she states: "New York State has passed the most progressive climate law in the entire U.S."

    Okay, fine. But where's the proof? Apparently this candidate has never heard of CalGreen in California, or California's solar mandate for all new residential construction, or the California Energy Commission's recommendation that all new buildings be wired for an all electric future. 

    (For reference look for the current digital issue of Ithaca Times, the April 27, page 7 letter to editor by Vanessa Fajans-Turner. I tried posting a link to it here but it blew up in this format!)

    How, then, can we have intelligent discussions about state by state comparisons? Please note that this is about state metrics, not regional or site specific conditions, or the type of building, etc. Think "crime statistics" when politicians debate on one tells the other that "my state reduced crime by more than 30% when your state stayed flat and did nothing!" How do we  unpack the claims and numbers?

    Dan Antonioli
    Going Green

  • 2.  RE: More State-by-State Comparisons

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 05-03-2022 10:53
    Thanks for your post @Dan Antonioli. Here's the link to the Vanessa Fajans-Turners opinion piece: We can still turn the tide on climate​​

    Diane Chojnowski
    BPA Connections Community Manager
    Building Performance Association