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What's impeding the adoption of heat pump water heating?

  • 1.  What's impeding the adoption of heat pump water heating?

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 04-27-2022 10:49
    Evan Mills just published an article in the journal Energy Efficiency about why only 1% of households in America have adopted heat pump water heating.

    "Most observers attribute this glacial rate of market penetration to electricity-fuel price ratios and early issues with reliability," says Evan Mills "but there is a deeper and less-discussed factor: decades of ham-handed policy implementation. Other countries have achieved vastly more success through cohesive policy strategies. That said, new prospects for flexible water heating (to make maximal use of renewable power from the grid) to capitalize on these impressive thermal "batteries in our basements" suggest a fresh opportunity for market transformation. So, too, do the remarkable applications of heat pumps for process hot water in industry (almost unknown in the US but well established in Europe and Asia).

    Check it out: Market spoiling and ineffectual policy have impeded the adoption of heat pump water heating for US buildings and industry

    Diane Chojnowski
    BPA Connections Community Manager
    Building Performance Association