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Next-gen building energy codes pilot in New York

  • 1.  Next-gen building energy codes pilot in New York

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 04-05-2022 15:37

    New 100% performance-based energy codes developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are being piloted in New York.

    This new approach to energy codes using tools developed by PNNL is aimed to simplify compliance and pave the way for more energy-efficient city buildings.

    A performance-based code determines compliance based on the projected energy performance of a whole building or its systems. These projections in turn rely on energy modeling and simulation tools to account for interactions between systems and components.

    Conversely, the prescriptive approach, which has been the standard in building energy codes to date, considers a building compliant only if a set of requirements for individual components is completed, like a checklist.

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    Diane Chojnowski
    BPA Connections Community Manager
    Building Performance Association