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What Can Heat Pump Search Trends Teach Contractors About Their Customers?

  • 1.  What Can Heat Pump Search Trends Teach Contractors About Their Customers?

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    Posted 10-25-2022 17:13

    With heat pumps moving closer to the national spotlight after their inclusion in the incentives of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), there is no doubt the business of installing heat pumps will continue to grow as the IRA is implemented. So where do heat pumps stand when it comes to online searches, and how can you leverage online interest in heat pumps to capture more qualified leads using the digital marketing tools available?

    Energy Circle CEO Peter Troast gave an update on search trends for heat pumps in a recent Wednesday Webinar. Here are some of the high-level takeaways that you can use to help improve your heat pump installation business. 

    Search Volume Showdown: Heat Pump vs Mini Split vs Ductless

    Heat pumps go by many names, and while we know how whole-house heat pumps are different from mini splits, most homeowners don't. So the big question is, which horse do you bet on? Looking at the general search volume for "heat pumps", "ductless", and "mini split", there was a clear winner:

    "Heat pump" receives the most search volume with "mini split" not too far behind, while "ductless" is clearly a much lesser-known term. One could even speculate (and when it comes to assessing the meaning behind search volume numbers, that's all anyone can really do) that searches for ductless are primarily coming from inside our industry. 

    But the big change to notice here is the increase in keyword difficulty. 

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    Peter Troast
    Founder & CEO
    Energy Circle
    Portland ME