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    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 07-05-2022 16:55

    TEP Workforce Development:
    Highlights from their Online Resource Center


    The Total Energy Pathways Workforce Development Project aims to grow and diversify the contractor workforce of the clean energy industry. As part of this goal, the team is putting together a list of resources and highlighting existing clean energy workforce development programs in the NEEP region. These programs are put into three categories:

    1. On-the-job learning programs
    2. Retraining programs
    3. Whole-home general contractor trainings

    On-The-Job Learning Programs

    These are programs that enable trainees to be paid for hands-on experience at the workplace that develop their knowledge of the clean energy industry. Depending on the focus of the particular program, trainees may learn about renewable energy, electrification, or energy efficiency and become acquainted with the requirements and technologies used in these subsectors. Some examples of existing on-the-job learning programs are:

    • Rhode Island Clean Energy Internship Program: This program focuses on preparing students for clean energy careers in areas like solar and energy efficiency. Students benefit from mentoring and professional development under an industry partner.
    • Green Retrofit Immersive Training (GRIT): This is a 12-week hybrid training that includes hands-on labs, a six-week internship rehabilitating affordable housing units, and placement into living wage jobs with contractors performing green home retrofits. The program also prepares students for five industry certifications.

    Retraining Programs

    These are programs that train people who are transitioning from other careers or who may have lost their jobs to enter the clean energy industry. Examples of existing programs are:
    • West Virginia Wind Energy Apprenticeship Program: This is a wind technician pilot apprenticeship program launched by Clearway Energy. It will offer paid training to qualified individuals who have been impacted by the decline in West Virginia's coal industry. The program is designed to provide an opportunity to start a new career in renewable energy by delivering essential training needed to become a wind technician. 
    • DC Sustainable Energy Utility Workforce Development Program: The DCSEU recruits candidates twice a year for a five-month green externship with local contractors and organizations. The DCSEU has made connections with over 20 employers where people can get externships. The program is ideal for people who are "new to the workforce, between jobs, or looking for a career change."