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    Posted 17 days ago
    by Rob Minnick

    Finding, hiring, and training the right people well is one of the most important investments of time and money any business owner can make. Rushing through the hiring process or leaving any of the stages incomplete will lead to more work in the future-either because you're making up for work done incorrectly or because you have to replace the employee entirely. My company, Minnick's, implemented the following steps to ensure that we find, hire, and train the best candidates for every job.

    Finding Talent

    The job market fluctuates, and you may find your challenges shifting from having to choose among a dozen great candidates to finding any viable candidates at all. (This is another great reason to keep your good employees happy-keeping good employees is much easier and more cost-effective than finding and training new ones.) But even if you do everything perfectly, inevitably sooner or later you'll need to hire. So where can you find the best people with the least amount of effort? Here are several techniques that we've used with great success.

    Agencies. Are there agencies that specialize in hiring for your industry? Hiring through an agency is an investment-and it may be hard to justify when you think about all of the free options available-but consider the big-picture costs of finding and interviewing candidates. If an agency can quickly and easily get you qualified individuals with little effort on your part, you'll save money by saving time.

    Referrals. Great people tend to know great people, so ask your best employees if they can refer someone. Chances are they know people with the skill sets you're looking for, whether from school, networking events, or even just personal connections. An added bonus of hiring a referral is that the new employee has a built-in mentor-someone he or she will feel comfortable with from the start. That's why referrals tend to have the shortest learning curve.

    Community job boards. Job boards-even for highly specialized work-can be a great way to connect with talented professionals who live in your community. If your community center or a local restaurant has a place to post a job, create an eye-catching flyer. Even if your future employee doesn't see the sign, someone who knows him or her might!

    A lot of online communities hosted by cities or neighborhoods also have job boards. The biggest benefit here is that people can easily share your job post and your company website with potential new hires. You can even post an online application. (View BPA's Career Center here for recent industry job postings.)

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