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  • 1.  Beauty with a Net-Zero Energy Conscience

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 09-26-2022 11:58
    by Alan Naditz 

    In the rolling hills surrounding Austin, Texas, perched on the edge of a cliff, the Skyview Independent project provides panoramic views of beautiful Texas Hill Country. Green Builder's 2022 Green Home of the Year winner in the Best Net Zero category perfectly melds clean, modern lines with natural materials and low-impact design details, all aimed at super efficiency.

    "Our client was looking to build a wonderful family retreat on ranch land outside of Austin," says Peter Pfeiffer, president of Barley/Pfeiffer Architecture. "We showed him how to make the retreat very energy conserving by design, and water independent via smart water management coupled with extensive rainwater collection."

    Challenged by the remote location in the unforgiving Texas heat, passive design strategies and climate responsive design concepts were implemented. Building orientation, use of prevailing breezes, extended roof overhangs, a floating radiant barrier roof system, and strategic window placement were important factors in the design of this energy-efficient home. 

    Using available natural resources, the high-performance structure is designed to be comfortable without air conditioning, and its self-sufficiency is assured through a roof-mounted solar array that produces, on average, 100% of the electricity needed to run the home. All water needs, outdoor and domestic, are provided through a 50,000-gallon rainwater collection, storage, and filtration system. 

    When possible, locally sourced materials were used, including a limestone veneer from a nearby quarry for the exterior of the structure. 

    Healthy living is assured through superior indoor air quality strategies, including a high-performance air filtration system, and low toxicity materials and finishes. Skyview has a tightly enveloped structure when needed, but with the flexibility to open functioning windows to harness prevailing breezes when weather permits.

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    Macie Melendez
    Editor in Chief, Building Performance Journal
    Building Performance Association
    Moon Township PA

  • 2.  RE: Beauty with a Net-Zero Energy Conscience

    Posted 09-27-2022 17:04
    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Ken Allison Allison
    Training & Business Development
    IDI Distributors
    Arlington TX