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Barriers and Opportunities for Green Jobs in New Jersey

  • 1.  Barriers and Opportunities for Green Jobs in New Jersey

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 06-27-2022 15:47
    A clean energy transition in New Jersey will stimulate the economy by adding new, high paying (relative to other sectors) jobs in the energy sector. However, equitable distribution of these quality opportunities is essential to redressing historical inequalities and making sure that women and racial/ethnic minorities are adequately represented in the clean energy sector. In New Jersey today, white males are overrepresented in the state's clean energy workforce while nearly every racial/ethnic minority and women of all races and ethnicities are underrepresented. This Applied Economics Clinic (AEC) report assesses New Jersey's current clean energy workforce, identifies barriers to green jobs that impede access to-and equitable representation within-the clean energy sector, and provides recommendations regarding how the State of New Jersey can shape policy and regulations to enhance the equity, diversity and inclusion of its clean energy jobs.

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    Diane Chojnowski
    BPA Connections Community Manager
    Building Performance Association