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8 Ways U.S. Homes Must Change

  • 1.  8 Ways U.S. Homes Must Change

    BPA Staff Member
    Posted 24 days ago

    by Laurie Schoeman


    The United States has nine distinct climate zones determined by regional variations in climate conditions. So, why do we find uniform housing stock across the country? 


    Single-family and multifamily housing used to be designed and built to consider natural weather conditions: Tall, operable windows brought in more natural light and air, color varieties improved residents' mental health, and local building materials were chosen for their durability and adaptive qualities.

    Since World War II, however, housing has largely been a cookie-cutter construct, reliant on an abundant supply of mechanized systems that regulate internal temperature, humidity, and ventilation. If we hope to meet the challenge of the climate crisis, we need a reboot of how we approach construction. 

    Whether you are designing new single-family or multifamily housing-or retrofitting existing housing-here are eight things to consider when designing a climate-resilient home.

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